Florêve Paris has created a new holistic beauty that acts both from within the body and on the surface of the skin for a more effective and lasting action.

For thousands of years, nature has offered us precious ingredients with multiple powers for body and mind. Traditional Chinese medicine knows the best kept secrets of nature, often unknown or forgotten in the West.

By combining an ancestral Asian beauty ritual with cutting-edge technology in France, Florêve Paris selects the most precious natural ingredients and transforms them thanks to French pharmaceutical know-how, to deliver an effective concentrate in an ampoule. It is this combination of know-how from two cultures that makes Florêve Paris unique.


Fascinated by the beauty of France and the French, Joyce Wang learned Molière's language and flew to Paris with her diploma as a pharmacist in the bag.

She discovered how beauty is a daily struggle for women. That at every fleeting moment, at every moment of stress, at every sign of fatigue, women’s daily lives lead them to doubt, to waver and to question this fragile beauty...

Joyce sees in this the bridge she can build between her increased knowledge of herbal medicine, her scientific training, her ancestral heritage of Chinese philosophy, her taste for innovation and her resolutely sincere and determined character...

Along the way, she met Alexis Caraux, who grew up with the hum of the stove and was educated in good taste in a family of food-lovers, where learning about nice things and fine dining began before even knowing how to walk.

An engineer by training, Alexis naturally directed his career towards the world of wine and sommeliers. An entrepreneur at heart, he draws on Joyce's vision of beauty by suggesting that she add two sensory components: taste and touch. Alexis draws on his experience as a sommelier to extract the successful combinations of flavours and textures that make up Florêve's products today.

From the surprising combination of a pharmacist and a sommelier, the synergy of Chinese and French cultures, the in-depth knowledge of herbal science and sensoriality, the Florêve Paris brand is born.


1. Efficiency

Our vision of beauty is above all an offer that guarantees visible results quickly.

By absorbing active ingredients orally through beauty treatments, skin and hair are nourished in depth and in a more sustainable way.

At the same time, our complementary treatments provide immediate skin and hair comfort.

This is what science says. *

*Scientifically-proven results*.

2. Natural ingredients

Each Florêve Paris formula undergoes extensive research by our laboratories to be as natural as possible, with minimalist ingredient lists. The selected active ingredients are from nature and traditional Chinese medicine.

Beauty treatments contain an average of 97% natural ingredients.

Complementary treatments contain on average 90% natural ingredients.

We also ensure that we use environmentally friendly packaging: biodegradable glass, fibres from sustainable forests, recycled plastic, etc.

3. Quality

Florêve Paris beauty treatments follow a strict formulation process: Active ingredients - Vitamins and minerals - Natural antioxidants.

They are manufactured under pharmaceutical control, according to the same requirements as the manufacture of medicines.

Finally, all our products are 100% made in France.

4. Sensoriality

Because beauty is also about having fun, we have worked on each of our beauty treatments so that they offer a delicious taste to drink every morning.

Complementary treatments have smells and textures that have been developed in order to provide a complete sensory experience.

5. Ease

Finally, beauty must go hand in hand with fun! We have designed each of our products to fit easily into our contemporary lifestyles at 100 miles an hour. Both beauty treatments and complementary treatments are easy to use.

One ampoule a day, and that’s it! No time to do a treatment over several weeks? Applying a fabric mask for fifteen minutes will work wonders.


Customer reviews


Stephanie, 40 years old

From the first week, my skin felt smoother and plumper, I also noticed that my imperfections were much less visible. By the 2nd week, any signs of tiredness were almost invisible and my skin was of much better quality. I stopped using foundation. At the end of the treatment, the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth were barely visible.
My family and friends noticed that I looked well-rested, others asked me if I had changed cream. So I explained that it was not a cream but a treatment that you drink, and that the collagen and the different ingredients of this treatment worked a treat on me. I am delighted with the results of the treatment, which I believe is much more effective than any anti-ageing cream I have tried before!


Line, 26 years old

I recently discovered nutricosmetics. In just a few days, my skin felt more deeply moisturised. And in two weeks of treatment, I had a really bright complexion. Also useful for girls like me who don't have time to apply lots of creams!


Christiane, 63 years old

"I turned to injections to reduce the effects of ageing on my face when my dermatologist told me about a treatment which involved drinking ampoules. In one month, I got unparalleled results: a superb healthy glow, and my complexion was firmer and had rebounded. For the time being, this seems more effective than surgery, which would seem much less natural. I am young naturally!"


Margaux, 22 years old

I discovered the skin detox treatment in a pharmacy. After trying all possible anti-imperfection treatments - which dried my skin more than anything else - I wanted to try something different. I have not been disappointed: my skin is smoother and I am almost spot-free. I doesn’t dry my skin out and my skin is finally feeling more comfortable! A wonderful find.

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