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Box [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hairloss

The box in and out to fight against hair loss and strengthen the hair fiber.

Seasonal changes, hormonal imbalances, stress, pollution and the challenges of everyday life (brushing, straightening, colouring, etc.) are the main factors responsible for hair loss.


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Florêve Paris has put together a unique in and out box acting from the inside and the outside on all the factors that may cause hair loss.

Hair loss is thus permanently slowed down. Your hair is visibly strengthened and densified. It regains its energy.

The [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss box consists of a 14-day treatment in the form of drinkable vials, a hair serum and a biodegradable brush made of vegetable fiber.

1/ [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure


3 star ingredients: Sage helps to regulate hormonal activity, Horsetail supports hair growth, and Keratin protects hair from stress and daily damages.



After one month of treatment,

- REDUCES hair loss: 3.8 times less hair loss*

After three months of treatment,

- STIMULATES growth: +18% hair growth

- STRENGTHENS the hair fibre: 6 times more resistant and +95% hair volume

Your hair is denser, stronger.

*Actives scientifically tested



2/ [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Serum


Suitable for all types of scalp, the innovative technology of its formula provides a light sensation of warmness during the application, to activate microcirculation and facilitate the rapid penetration of the active ingredients.




- REDUCES hair loss by diminishing and the stree of the scalp

- STIMULATES hair growth, revitalizing the scalp and delivering necessary nutrients to the hair root to grow new hair. 

Its light fragrance based on orange blossom essential oil which has stimulating and purifying properties.

Do not grease the scalp.

96% natural ingredients.

No preservatives, no artificial coloring, no mineral oil. Tested under dermatological control.


3/ Biodegradable brush made of vegetable fibres.


Materials: corn, cassava, vegetable starch, resin


With a curved shape more adapted to the scalp and flexible branches, it allows optimal untangling without aggressing or pulling the hair.


The entire handle of the brush can be degraded without polluting the environment.


The [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Box consists of a 14-day treatment in the form of drinkable vials, a hair serum and a biodegradable brush made of plant fibers. 


From one month of treatment,

REDUCES hair loss: 3.8 times less hair loss*

After three months of treatment,

STIMULATES growth: +18% hair growth

STRENGTHENS hair fibre: 6 times more resistant and +95% hair volume

Hair is thicker and stronger.

*Scientifically-tested active ingredients


3 star active ingredients


The hair is 95% keratin. With age, its level in the body decreases.

We have chosen a pure keratin, rich in amino acids, among the closest to those in people. Thanks to a patented extraction process, this keratin is made bio-assimilable by our body, for a much deeper and longer lasting action. 

Keratin strengthens the hair fibre to protect it from stress and everyday stresses (brushing, washing, smoothing, colouring, etc.). Your hair is thicker and more resistant.

Keratin also strengthens nails.


Horsetail acts on the hair follicle cycle to reduce hair loss.

In addition, horsetail is a powerful antioxidant, rich in minerals such as silica, iron and selenium. These minerals help to strengthen the hair (but also the nails, bones and body tissues) to promote their growth.


Stress and hormonal imbalance (childbirth, menopause, contraceptive treatment, etc.) are among the major causes of hair loss.

Sage, a medicinal plant used since ancient times, helps to reduce stress.

It is also similar to a woman's estrogenic hormone and helps to regulate hormonal activity, thus fighting hair loss.

Lastly, sage is rich in antioxidants to protect the hair from free radicals.

A vitamin and mineral complex to boost the effectiveness of the formula:

100% NRV* Vitamin C] protects the hair from oxidative stress.

[25% NRV* Vitamin B5] stimulates the production of hair follicles and accelerates hair growth.

[25% NRV* Zinc] protects the hair from oxidative stress and promotes keratin synthesis.

Fruit juices for natural antioxidants and good taste 

[Mango juice] often used as a hair moisturiser

[Passion fruit juice] softens hair fibres

A complex of honey and royal jelly

[Buckwheat Honey] improves blood circulation to activate growth

[Royal Jelly] promotes cell regeneration and nourishes the hair

List of ingredients:

Buckwheat honey 4000 mg, concentrated passion fruit juice, concentrated mango juice, concentrated keratin hydrolysate 500 mg, hydroglycerin extract of Propolis** 500 mg, vitamin C 80 mg (100% NRV*), sage dry extract (Salvia officinalis) 50 mg, dry extract of Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) 50 mg, royal jelly (imported and frozen) 50 mg, dry extract of Bamboo tabashir** (Bambusa bamboo) 40 mg (i.e. 30 mg silica), zinc gluconate (2.5 mg zinc (25% NRV*), D-calcium pantothenate (1.5 mg vitamin B5 (25% NRV*), purified water.

*NRV = Nutritional Reference Value

** From Organic Farming

No colouring, preservatives or gluten.


Very easy to use, drink one ampoule a day every morning (preferably on an empty stomach) for 2 weeks, pure or diluted in a little water (4 cl) to your taste.

To optimise results, we recommend a one-month course of treatment, to be repeated every three months, at the end of the season or simply when you feel the need.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose and do not consume other food supplements at the same time.

Not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

Pregnant and breastfeeding women, please seek the advice of your doctor.

Keep in a cool, dry place at room temperature and away from sunlight.

Keep out of reach of young children.


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