How often do I need to renew a beauty treatment?

To optimise results, we recommend a one-month course of treatment, to be repeated every three months, at the end of the season or simply when you feel the need.

Can I combine different beauty treatments at the same time?

It is not recommended that you consume several beauty treatments at the same time, as one treatment already covers 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Your body will naturally eliminate the intakes it does not need.

But you can do different treatments one after the other.

Furthermore, it is recommended not to consume other food supplements at the same time as a beauty treatment.

If in doubt, seek the advice of your doctor.

Can I take medication in addition to a beauty treatment?

It is quite possible to take other medications. However, it is not recommended that you take other food supplements in parallel, as a treatment already covers 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

If in doubt, seek the advice of your doctor.

Can I take a beauty treatment if I am diabetic?

In theory, all sugars, whether of vegetable origin or not, are prohibited for diabetics.

In practice, some sugars are more harmful than others and it is up to everyone to make their own decisions. The sugar in our ampoules comes from fruit juice and agave syrup. Our formula[IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Treatment also contains honey.

If in doubt, seek the advice of your doctor.

Can I take a beauty cure during menstruation?

Yes, of course. There is no contraindication to using a beauty treatment during the menstruation period, and it has no impact on menstruation, as all our treatments are guaranteed to be hormone-free and GMO-free.

Can I take a beauty cure while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Like any food supplement, our products are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. If in doubt, seek the advice of your doctor.

Can a beauty treatment cause stomach aches?

According to our clinical studies, the active ingredients we have selected do not cause any such side effects.

However, if you notice any gastric upsets or nausea, we recommend that you consume the ampoule during a meal.

Can I mix a beauty treatment with a soda, alcohol or other drink?

There is no contraindication to making cocktails with Florêve Paris ampoules. Feel free to enjoy the good fruity taste of our ampoules.

Why do you recommend taking 2 of the [IN]YOUTH Anti-Aging Treatment ampoules every day?

Taking 2 ampoules per day of the [IN] YOUTH Anti-Aging Treatment delivers more collagen to the body and thus maximises the effects on your skin. This is why we recommend taking 2 ampoules per day as an attack treatment, then to go on taking one ampoule per day as a maintenance treatment.

Are there any secondary effects to a beauty treatment?

We haven’t observed any side effects. A beauty treatment is particularly suitable for people with very reactive or allergic skin who cannot tolerate traditional cosmetic products.

Does the [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Treatment formula have any effect on the skin?

The Zinc it contains helps to maintain normal skin. Keratin also has an effect on nail strength.


Are there any preservatives or hormones in a beauty treatment?

Our treatments are guaranteed without preservatives and hormones.

What is the proportion of natural ingredients for each formula?

All the ingredients in beauty treatments are natural, except for vitamins and minerals, which boost the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

[IN] DETOX Clear Skin Treatment 97%

[IN] GLOW Radiance Treatment 96%

[IN] YOUTH Anti-age treatment 98%

[IN] YOUTH Anti-hair loss treatment 96%

Are Florêve Paris products vegan?

Our products are not vegan certified because some active ingredients are of animal origin, such as marine micro-collagen. Nevertheless, all our products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals.

Are Florêve Paris products organic?

Some of the ingredients in our formulas are from organic farming.

[IN] DETOX Clear Skin Treatment: Organic blueberry juice, organic burdock dry extract

[IN] GLOW Radiance Treatment: Organic goji juice

[IN] YOUTH Anti-hair loss treatment: Bamboo tabashir dry extract, Propolis

Why a liquid ampoule-based format?

There are myriad benefits to a liquid format: homogeneity of the preparation (except for suspensions, which must be shaken before use), excellent bioavailability (the active ingredients pass quickly through the body and are therefore quickly effective), no swallowing problems (unlike a tablet or capsule), limitation of excipients (i.e. ingredients, a priori neutral, which serve as a support to dilute, fix or stabilise the active ingredients), decent precision of dosage (for multi-dose presentations, to be taken by spoon, for example) or excellent precision (multi-dose forms with dropper or single-dose ampoules).

Their easy grip makes them generally very suitable for children or the elderly. The ampoules and some vials can be pasteurised, which makes it possible to forego preservatives, which is the case with Florêve Paris ampoules.

Why is there sometimes sediment left in the ampoule?

The sediment in the ampoules is due to using natural products. Shake your ampoules before consuming them.

How is hyaluronic acid orally digestible for distribution in the skin?

Orally, hyaluronic acid passes through the digestion and the vascular network, so it can theoretically set in the skin, in the joints, or in any place that requires hyaluronic acid. However, clinical studies have shown that oral assimilation of hyaluronic acid has a significant impact on skin qualities. Hydration, softness, decrease in the signs of ageing (skin microrelief, wrinkles) it is therefore logical to think that even if not all of the hyaluronic acid goes into the skin, it does so to a sufficient extent to have an impact on the parameters of a beautiful skin.

Clinical studies are there to demonstrate the action of an ingredient by the oral route.

Can I take 2 ampoules per day?

The [IN] DETOX Clear Skin Treatment, [IN] GLOW Radiance Treatment, [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Treatment ampoules already cover 100% of the daily intake of minerals and vitamins. Therefore, it is not advisable to take more than one ampoule per day.

The [IN] YOUTH Anti-Ageing Treatment formula can be taken as an intensive treatment (two ampoules per day) or as a maintenance treatment (only one ampoule per day).

Why use pasteurised glass?

The use of glass has several technical and ergonomic advantages: it allows us to produce preservative-free mixtures, it is 100% recyclable and this material is of pharmaceutical quality. In addition, the glass is also transparent, which allows you to see the solution.



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