The detoxifying virtues of organic burdock

Need for a detoxifying treatment after the festive season? Organic burdock is a 100% natural purifying and detoxifying ingredient for the body and the skin.

During festive season, we allow ourselves some excesses. And it is quite normal to succumb! But this is also when the skin sounds the alarm : oily skin, imperfections, acne, etc. What happens? Actually, the body has difficulties to eliminate and the skin suffers.

Organic burdock is an incredible ally to detoxify the body and keep a fresh and clean skin. Where to find it and how to use it?

What is Burdock?

Burdock whose botanical name is Arctium is a wild plant which comes originally from Asia, Africa and Europe. Today, we found it all over the world. It can measure up to 2 meters high and its roots up to 50 centimeters long.

It has small purple flowers with an unusual shape but these are its roots and leaves which are used in herbal medicine for health and skin beauty.

Burdock was also widely used in Chinese and Indian medicine to relieve joint pain.


The properties of organic Burdock

Burdock has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, depurative and detoxifying properties. According to the expected effects and the problem to be treated, it can be used in different ways: decoction, infusion, poultice, etc. Here are its benefits:

• For health: you can use it against osteoarthritis and rheumatism to relieve kidney and bladder problems but also to soothe intestinal pain. It would even have antitumor and anticancer properties thanks to the inulin and arctigenin that it contains!
For the skin: you can use it against eczema, psoriasis, acne, mycosis, insect stings or hair loss. It contains polyenes and polyines which have antibacterial properties.


A detox, for what?

When we do some excess (fatty and sugary foods, alcohol, tobacco), the body needs more energy and time to eliminate everything. Feeling of heaviness, tiredness… Obviously, you don’t really want to go for a run… And a lack of physical activity even more slows down the elimination of accumulated toxins. It’s a vicious circle!

In the body, the filtration and the elimination of toxins is done by the kidneys and the liver. If they work too much, the elimination is not optimal and the toxins often come out through the skin causing excess sebum, imperfections and acne.

Burdock has the property of stimulating the eliminating functions of the kidneys and liver by having a diuretic action which allows to evacuate the toxins more quickly by the urine.


At Florêve, we chose organic burdock, with unique detoxifying virtues, for our [IN] DETOX Clear Skin Treatment which reduces the imperfections and improves skin texture in just one month.

And you, did you know the benefits of Burdock before reading the article ?


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