How should one take care of the skin in the sun?

Here are 5 super simple but extremely effective tricks to keep your skin soft, flexible and survive in the torrid summer heat.

Summer has set in, and along with it the desire to keep your skin fresh and bright.

Perhaps you may have noticed that after exposure to the sun, your skin tends to dry up? It may feel tight or potentially be burnt if you have suffered from a sunburn. Pimples or small black heads may also appear due to sweat or air humidity

Instead of trying to conceal these imperfections, raging under the layers of make-up, there are several solutions to help your skin feel fresh and breathe better.

Here are 5 super simple but extremely effective tricks to keep your skin soft, flexible and survive in the torrid summer heat.

  1.       Drink water

Firstly, one must remember that cosmetic care alone is not sufficient to hydrate your skin dried up in the sun, as they intervene only on the top layer of the epidermis. A « thirsty » skin must also be hydrated from within. This is why you must regularly drink water or your favourite sugar-free summer drink. Through the blood circulation and microcirculation, the water will allow detoxifying not only in the tissues of the organism but also in the dermis: a boost for a plumped-up skin!

  1.       Apply a sunscreen

It can never been stressed enough: it is very important to apply sunscreen all through the summer: not only does this help prevent sunburn and potential skin diseases, but it also protects your skin from aging and premature appearance of wrinkles. Did you know that the sun is the main factor responsible for skin aging? So choose a liquid sunscreen which is easily absorbed by your skin, like a gel texture to avoid a sticky feeling. Minimum SPF 30 is recommended and must be applied 20 to 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. If you are swimming in the sea or swimming pool, reapply after each bath. We know that this can be restrictive, but in few years your smooth and young skin will thank you for it!

  1.       Clean and exfoliate!

Perspiration, humidity, salt or chlorine… our skin does not rest during the holidays. So, it is essential to wash your face with a good neutral PH cleanser once to twice a day. Furthermore, a facial or body exfoliation once to twice a week will sublimate your skin. Contrary to the common perception, exfoliating does not get rid of the tan, but extends it! In fact, melanin is synthesised in the deep layer of the epidermis, to protect from the harmful UV rays. Also exfoliation is aimed at removing the dead cells from the surface of the epidermis. So, exfoliating is a good ally to rejuvenate the skin and for a radiant tan.

  1.       Hydrate Vs. Nourish

During the summer, the need for hydrating the skin increases with the rising heat. But all depends on the type of hydration that you choose! You must find out if you have a dry skin or a normal/mixed/oily skin. If your skin is dry or very dry, choose a nourishing cream to revitalise your skin. But if your skin is normal, mixed or oily, choose a hydrating or non-nourishing cream. A nourishing cream will be too rich for your type of skin and it is this over-hydration which will create pimples or imperfections. Once you have chosen the appropriate treatment, hydrate your skin several times a day!

  1.       Having a balanced diet

The good health of your skin also depends on what is on your plate. For a beautiful skin, one must have a good diet. For your skin to be favourable to tanning and to be able to tan without burning, start on the right foot and eat beta carotene rich foods, which stimulate melanin. Also add vitamin A rich foods to your menu. These stimulate renewal of cells for a regenerated skin. Finally, to have a beautiful skin and optimum health, it is essential to eat foods rich in antioxidants throughout the year. These allow fighting against free radicals which accelerate the skin’s aging process. Food supplements in pharmacies and drugstores may also be your boost for a healthy and beautiful skin*.

*Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for varied food and a healthy lifestyle.


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